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Storyswap is an Undertale AU created by the fandom that is based on Storyshift. However, the characters personalities are swapped like Underswap by PopcornPr1nce on Tumblr. The offical ask blog for this AU is here:

In Storyshift, pairs swap roles and not personalities with other pairs, such as, Chara and Asriel swapping roles with Sans and Papyrus, respectively.

While in Storyswap, each individual's personality in Storyshift is swapped with their respective pair, with the exception of Napstablook, Mettacrit, Frisk, and Monster Kid, which are swapped in typical Underswap fashion.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the wiki for ShionBluu's Storyswap, not Storyswap Color. If you are looking for a wiki on Storyswap Color, then you should either look elsewhere or start making it.

Undertale Storyshift Storyswap
Frisk Frisk Mettacrit
Chara Mettacrit Frisk
Asriel Napstablook Monster Kid
Monster Kid Monster Kid Napstablook
Flowey Boogie Temmie
Temmie Temmie Boogie
Toriel Papyrus Sans
Asgore Sans Papyrus
Sans Chara Asriel
Papyrus Asriel Chara
Undyne Toriel Asgore
Alphys Asgore Toriel
Mettaton Undyne Alphabot
Napstablook Alphys Undyne
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